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Digital First Media’s multi-platform products in the Philadelphia suburban region have published winning lottery numbers for our readers ever since Pennsylvania first started its state lottery back in August of 1971. This service has proved very popular for many of our readers. Our publications are part of the morning ritual for tens of thousands of area residents; one of the first things they do along with their morning coffee is to check the winning lottery numbers.

Digital First Media’s
multi-platform products have entered the digital era and our motto is of course, “Digital First.” That means we will not only bring you the local news in print every morning, but we’ll focus first on our online editions. For that reason, we are constantly looking for creative ways to present the news and information our readers have come to depend on. This blog takes our winning Pennsylvania lottery number publications to a new level. We will not only publish the winning numbers - as we have always done - but we are using our homegrown algorithms and databases to crunch those numbers and offer our readers new ways to look at the lottery numbers.

For the entertainment of our audience, we will use a database of the winning lottery numbers to compile which numbers have hit most often, those that have gone the longest since last appearing, those that rarely hit and many other scenarios. We will look through all of the same tables you will have access to and pick a few “numbers of interest” to post on our “Lottery Radar.” For those who follow the Pennsylvania lottery games and want to add one more level of enjoyment, they can look through our tables and see what numbers they might find interesting to play in the next game. They can also watch our “Radar Picks” and see how we did. Maybe we pick a few winners and maybe we don’t. As a welcome reader we’ll encourage your input. Maybe you have found a better way to read the tables. Do you hit more often than the “Lottery Master?” Or are our radar numbers doing better than yours? Hopefully, our readers will share their results and strategies.

Remember it’s all for fun and enjoyment, and if you actually purchase Pennsylvania lottery tickets you at least know your money is going towards good programs that benefit older Pennsylvania residents. According to the Pennsylvania Lottery, “Since its inception 38 years ago, the Pennsylvania Lottery has contributed more than $20.1 billion to programs that include property tax and rent rebates; free transit and reduced-fare shared rides; the low-cost prescription drug programs PACE, PACENET and PACE-Plus Medicare; long-term living services; and the 52 Area Agencies on Aging, which include 600 full- and part-time senior community centers throughout the state.

It will be fun. And, it’s just one more type of information we can offer our online audience that we simply cannot offer in print due to space limitations.

Check out the sample grids to see how they are designed and what information they provide. Then go look at the latest grids for your game of choice.  Make yourself a worksheet and jot down some numbers that look "interesting" to you. Compare them to our picks and see who does best!

Good luck and have fun!